Adam Driver Spotted in a Rebel Pilot Uniform

General speculations, industry gossip as well as a leaked concept art information pointed us towards the “tall as well as thin, terrifyingly, creepy” cyborg villain. The rumor was always followed with the included proposal (or rather, a conclusion) that the popular actor Adam Driver (star of the show Girls) could well be throw as a baddie in the future Star Wars: Episode VII motion picture.

Adam Driver Rebel Pilot Uniform
Nevertheless, a rather blurry snap by Facebook user Henrick Urena shows Driver in the iconic red-colored jumpsuit put on by Rebel Alliance X-Wing pilots, such as  Luke Skywalker. You know, the guys where we consider to always be the nice folks in the previous movies. That’s a far stretch from being a cyborg villain that the rumors would have us believe. As Vulture speculates, this is a hint as to regarding the story of Eipisode VII, but is not really that exciting news. After all, wearing the Rebel Alliance pilot suit doesn’t mean Adam Driver can’t be a potential villain – an inside man or a disaster just waiting to happen (I’m looking at you Anakin)!

The photo could also be staged so that we’d think that Adam Driver is obviously not a villain – making us thus even  further surprised when the movie turns out in the cinemas. Or maybe he’s just on his way to a Star Wars convention? He did say he was a longtime fan and that Star Wars was an influential part of his childhood.

Star Wars, Episode VII is currently being filmed on several sets, but the main one is in Pinewood Studios in London where the original trilogy was also filmed. The release date is set to be December 18, 2015 and we even have a countdown at the side of our blog to keep track! 🙂


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