Roger Moore Visits the Set; Confirms an “Ice Planet” in Star Wars 7

As every Star Wars fan in the world probably know by now, the new movie is being made in Pinewood Studios. However, as most hardcore movie fans also know, this is the home of the James Bond films (just consult Daniel Craig) for a lot lengthier period of time when compared with it Star Wars. Anyway, acording to the un-official Star Wars 7 news blog  many men and women in the area are already getting confused that a lot of actors are headed there nowadays. This is of course because the Bond film has started filming at this location and a BCC interview with Roger Moore gave us a bit of insight into what Lucasfilm/Disney are doing down there.

Ice Planet in Star Wars Episode 7

Will Episode VII return to planet Hoth?

The actual actor or actress features validated that will he’s got a look at your number of Star Wars: Episode VII, in addition to he’s got delivered a number of intriguing spoiler-free information on precisely what he’s witnessed together with him or her.

Roger Moore: …Anyway, the day before last, I know we stopped by the office, and I went up to see – on a very closed, secret set – my friend J. J. Abrams, who is directing Star Wars.
BBC reporter: Ooh, wow!
Moore: …With Harrison Ford.
BBC reporter: So, what were they filming that day? Can you tell me?
Moore: Well, yes! They were filming something with a lot of mountains and snow.
BBC reporter: Okay, hmm.
Moore: But I’m assigned to secrecy.
BBC reporter: Did you really have to sign a thing?
Moore: Oh, erm… No.
Both: [laugh]
BBC reporter: It wouldn’t surprise me! They are crazy, those people, so…
Moore: But they have to be secret about it! What happens with film is that, somehow or another, people get their hands on outtakes and prints, and they print them and they sell them for television in the Philippines – I had a Filipino working for us years ago and he said “Oh, my family have already seen the film,” which hadn’t even had its royal premiere!
BBC reporter: Oh! That’s extraordinary, isn’t it?

It’s intriguing that there has at last been an alternate affirmation of the vicinity of a snowbound planet – the last we had heard in regards to the shooting of a chilly, bumpy environment was specified the distance back in May! In any case, great on Roger Moore for figuring out how to get a couple of points of interest out without bargaining the mystery of the undertaking – he clearly had a comparable encounter route back when, and its pleasant to know he’s ready to respect his companion J. J. by staying silent about plot subtle elements.

Past Moore’s inside take a gander at the greatest motion picture of one year from now, there’s an alternate bit of coincidental data in regards to an alternate 007 performing artist and the set. As said at one time, Daniel Craig was seen at Pinewood. On the other hand, as per our sources, he is just there to film the following James Bond motion picture, and that he won’t have a cameo in Episode VII. On that note, the 24th James Bond film will be discharged in October and November of one year from now, so the activity star has a difficult, but not impossible task ahead the way things ar


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