Star Wars 7 Rumors Roundup and Leaked X-Wing Photos

The release date for Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced and set for December 18, 2015. While this is still a “long time away” rumors, gossip and leaks are travelling across the Internet like wildfire. It is not uncommon for companies to leak some info ahead of schedule to build some hype. However, when you’re dealing with a franchise as large as Star Wars this is bound to happen on its own. So, in this article we’ll have a look at some of the top Star Wars 7 rumors and speculations that are travelling in the Internet. All aboard the hype train and let’s get going!


30 Years into the Future

At this point everyone seems to “agree” that the plot of the new movie will be set 30 years after the events of Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. This is a very likely – especially we consider that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill are back to replay their roles. They haven’t exactly got younger over the years so it is safe to assume that the story will continue from where it left off.

It is very likely that at this point the Rebel Alliance has completely defeated the evil Empire and established a New Republic to unite all the galaxies. We’re also expecting to see a New Jedi Order that was created by Luke Skywalker, who was the “last of the Jedi” when we left off in Episode VI. We’re also expecting to see Leia and Han to be married and have kids of their own. In the Expanded Universe they had two children – both of which were Force-sensitive. They were trained by their uncle Luke, but one of them fell to the Dark Side. However, Disney has “disowned” the EU, so this might not actually make it even close to becoming part of the script.

The Story of the “Ancient Fear”

One of the earliest titles to be rumored was “The Ancient Fear” and it came with an interesting plot synopsis. The idea was that the Empire still existed thanks to many powerful (and capable) admirals of the Star Fleet. Now, 30 years after Episode VI, the two factions are at peace and in a state similar to the Cold War.

Because everyone is searching for a way to grow powerful for the next conflict, a group of Jedi lead by Luke will be exploring a set of ancient ruins searching for an old weapon. Their mission is to retrieve it before it gets into the wrong hands, but then a tragic series of events would unfold.

The Leaked X-Wing Photos

Star Wars Episode 7 is primarily being filmed in Pinewood Studios in London. However, they also had a set in Abu Dhabi as well as an additional set in Greenham Common. This is an old military air base/hanger that was probably perfect for a scene which involves some sort of military base similar to planet Hoth – only in a much warmer climate. The security obviously wasn’t that because the unofficial Star Wars 7 blog was able to get its hand on the leaked Star Wars 7 photos thanks to a team of drone experts who were exploring the area. Have a look at the new X-Wing model:



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