Chrome Troopers Leaks Spreads like Wildfire

Last week photos from the Star Wars 7 set in Greenham Common were leaked and this week the media was able to get its hands on some interesting concept art. The source of the leak claims that the image is authentic, but edited to conceal certain facts as well as metadata that could link it to the authors and other co-conspirators. The leaked image features the proposed design of the “Chrome Troopers” who will be a new type of military unit in the upcoming movie.


The source of the leak is Indie Revolver, a WordPress blog that has submitted truthful leaks in the past. However, their latest leak is a bit shaky and we do have some trouble confirming its authenticity. There is not much to go at here, so feel free to distrust this article right from the start. However, allow us to entertain the idea that these leaks might indeed be real. If so, what are these Chrome Troopers and what is their role in Star Wars: Episode 7?

Going Back to a Previous Leak

The whole concept actually ties in well with the previously leaked working title that the movie is using. Remember the whole “The Ancient Fear” debate? Well, this leak will stop it from dying out it seems. The story right now goes that these Chrome Troopers have little to do with the Empire and that they might not end up having these types of helmets in the final version.

Either way, their supposed role in the movie is to work as bodyguards for Adam Driver’s character – a powerful and wealthy military enthusiast who is set on collecting ancient artifacts. If you recall, the story of the movie (according to the leaks) is supposed to be about a power and ancient Sith artifact that Luke will try to recover from an old ruined temple. This all ties in pretty well, but last week we saw a leak of Adam Driver in a rebel pilot suit that doesn’t go well with this story. Of course, it is just possible that his character likes piloting his own starcraft from time to time. Who can say, really?

Either way we are far away from December 18, 2015 (the movie’s release date) which means that you should get used to hearing rumors and hear-say on the Net. There will be a lot of disinformation in the upcoming months, so we recommend you follow our blog or Twitter account in order to stay in the loop about what is true and what is just made-up.

Our final verdict is that this photo is completely made-up and that the backstory is there just to keep the previous rumor relevant and alive. This is a common strategy among rumor-based websites these days and it’s just how they operate to get more clicks and ad revenue.


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