Roger Moore Visits the Set; Confirms an “Ice Planet” in Star Wars 7

As every Star Wars fan in the world probably know by now, the new movie is being made in Pinewood Studios. However, as most hardcore movie fans also know, this is the home of the James Bond films (just consult Daniel Craig) for a lot lengthier period of time when compared with it Star Wars. Anyway, acording to the un-official Star Wars 7 news blog  many men and women in the area are already getting confused that a lot of actors are headed there nowadays. This is of course because the Bond film has started filming at this location and a BCC interview with Roger Moore gave us a bit of insight into what Lucasfilm/Disney are doing down there.

Ice Planet in Star Wars Episode 7

Will Episode VII return to planet Hoth?

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Rian Johnson Talks About Star Wars: Episode 8 on The TalkHouse

The TalkHouse recently did a great podcast interview with Rian Johnson who will be writing and directing Star Wars: Episode 8. While we all know J.J. Abrams is working on Episode VII, Rian will be taking over the trilogy after Abrams. It’s an unusual decision on Disney’s part, but perhaps it will be a good one when all is said and done. Now, obviously, the entire podcast wasn’t dedicated to Rian’s Star Wars project, but rather it was mostly about his new upcoming film “The Zero Theorem”. Nonetheless, let us quote the part related to Star Wars because we know that’s what you’re here for!

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Anthony Daniels Talks about Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII

Anthony Danthony-daniels-star-wars-7aniels has dedicated a major part of his career to Star Wars by becoming the iconic actor who plays the role of C-3PO. Aside from playing the iconic robot in the movies he’s also worked numerous times as a voice actor by playing the role of “threepio” in various animated series, videos games, comedy spoofs etc. Recently, Anthony made an interview with Entertainment Weekly who were quite thrilled to ask him a bit about the new animated show Rebels (which will air on Disney XD) as well as his involvement in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. Let’s see what he had to say!

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