Chrome Troopers Leaks Spreads like Wildfire

Last week photos from the Star Wars 7 set in Greenham Common were leaked and this week the media was able to get its hands on some interesting concept art. The source of the leak claims that the image is authentic, but edited to conceal certain facts as well as metadata that could link it to the authors and other co-conspirators. The leaked image features the proposed design of the “Chrome Troopers” who will be a new type of military unit in the upcoming movie.


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Star Wars 7 Rumors Roundup and Leaked X-Wing Photos

The release date for Star Wars: Episode VII has been announced and set for December 18, 2015. While this is still a “long time away” rumors, gossip and leaks are travelling across the Internet like wildfire. It is not uncommon for companies to leak some info ahead of schedule to build some hype. However, when you’re dealing with a franchise as large as Star Wars this is bound to happen on its own. So, in this article we’ll have a look at some of the top Star Wars 7 rumors and speculations that are travelling in the Internet. All aboard the hype train and let’s get going!


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Roger Moore Visits the Set; Confirms an “Ice Planet” in Star Wars 7

As every Star Wars fan in the world probably know by now, the new movie is being made in Pinewood Studios. However, as most hardcore movie fans also know, this is the home of the James Bond films (just consult Daniel Craig) for a lot lengthier period of time when compared with it Star Wars. Anyway, acording to the un-official Star Wars 7 news blog  many men and women in the area are already getting confused that a lot of actors are headed there nowadays. This is of course because the Bond film has started filming at this location and a BCC interview with Roger Moore gave us a bit of insight into what Lucasfilm/Disney are doing down there.

Ice Planet in Star Wars Episode 7

Will Episode VII return to planet Hoth?

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Adam Driver Spotted in a Rebel Pilot Uniform

General speculations, industry gossip as well as a leaked concept art information pointed us towards the “tall as well as thin, terrifyingly, creepy” cyborg villain. The rumor was always followed with the included proposal (or rather, a conclusion) that the popular actor Adam Driver (star of the show Girls) could well be throw as a baddie in the future Star Wars: Episode VII motion picture.

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